Cornices and decorative plastering have long been the unsung heroes in the realm of interior design. While they might seem like mere ornamental additions, their influence on the overall ambience of space is undeniable. In the diverse landscape of Australian interior design, the type of cornices and decorative plastering elements you choose can serve as a reflection of your style and taste.

Let’s delve into how to perfectly match cornice and decorative plastering to the most prominent Australian interior styles:

1. Modern Interior Style

  • Characteristics: Defined by clean lines, a minimalistic palette, and an uncluttered approach that favours functionality.
  • Plastering Choices: Streamlined cornices with sharp edges and a lack of ornate detailing align seamlessly with modern interiors. Minimalistic ceiling roses and simple panel mouldings can further accentuate the sleek vibe.

2. Traditional Interior Style

  • Characteristics: This style harks back to the past, emphasising rich details, warm colours, and a sense of time-honoured luxury.
  • Plastering Choices: Traditional spaces come alive with elaborate cornices boasting intricate patterns and curves. Decorative ceiling roses, corbels, and ornate plaster mouldings echo the richness of traditional decor, adding depth and layers of visual interest.

3. Contemporary Interior Style

  • Characteristics: A harmonious blend of modern and traditional, contemporary style is fluid, keeping pace with current design trends. It’s versatile, merging curved and straight lines while allowing for innovative design elements.
  • Plastering Choices: Contemporary interiors often benefit from transitional cornice that strike a balance between ornate detailing and streamlined simplicity. Subtle decorative features, like modest ceiling medallions or less ornate mouldings, complement the ever-evolving nature of contemporary decor.

new build plasteringThe Impact of Cornices and Decorative Plastering

Beyond aesthetics, the right decorative elements add value to your space. They serve as defining borders, accentuate ceiling heights, and can even play tricks on the eye to make spaces appear larger or more intimate.

Expertise Makes All the Difference

Choosing the right cornices and decorative plastering elements for your Brisbane property can transform its look and feel. As Brisbane’s premier experts in decorative plastering, we possess the knowledge and craftsmanship to ensure your interior style is reflected in every nook and corner.

Whether you’re renovating an old gem or setting up a new space, let the cornices and decorative plastering tell your style story. Reach out to us, and together, let’s craft interiors that resonate with charm, character, and individuality.